Are You Able to Help Your Loved One During Their Sobriety Process?

Are You Able to Help Your Loved One During Their Sobriety Process?

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Your loved one is in the sobriety process. Now, you may be wondering whether you are able to help them at all. While, you have to let them learn about what choices to make in recovery on their own, there are ways you can also help. Is addiction hereditary? If so, but you are not using drugs or alcohol, you can be one of the people to support them during this process.

Going to a Good Support Group

If you are looking to help your loved one during their sobriety process, going to a support group yourself could help. They may be going through therapy as well but that is for them. The support group you go to can help you to learn more about them. It can help you to learn about what they have gone through, how they perceive things and how the addiction takes over. Going to a good support group gives you the opportunity to learn more about how to help them as well. Is addiction hereditary? If you are the one you have overcome addiction, maybe you can learn how to use what you know to help them.

Acknowledging Their Recovery

If you haven’t done so yet, be sure that you are acknowledging your loved one’s recovery and progress during the sobriety process. While you don’t need to be constantly telling them you are proud of what they have done, it is good to let them know sometimes. They do want to know they have support people in their life and this can help.

Support Their Coping Methods

Every recovering addict is going to use their own coping methods. Is addiction hereditary and you have overcome addiction? Are there coping methods you use and wish your loved one would as well? While that is great, don’t force your coping methods on them. You can let them know what you do but also let them find what works in their sobriety process.

Every recovering addict works through the sobriety process and their recovery in a special and unique way. No two recovering addicts will do everything exactly the same and that is alright. Your loved one needs to find their own way and figure things out. Be there for them, learn about what they may need from you, acknowledge their recovery and support their process of sobriety and recovery.