Is an Addiction Intervention Specialist Needed?

Is an Addiction Intervention Specialist Needed?

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You have a family member who has gotten themselves into an addictive lifestyle. The first thing for you to know is that an addiction is not a choice. It is a disease and it is hard to overcome. With that being said, the sooner you recognize your family member’s addiction, the better. It is important that once you recognize it you talk to others about it. This does not mean you go talking to everyone about their addiction. Only speak with the people you trust with this information. That is going to be the first part of an intervention. How does family history affect addiction?

If there are others in the family living an addictive lifestyle, only include them in the intervention if they are in recovery. If they are still living an addictive lifestyle, the intervention is likely to backfire. You might also be wondering whether you need to have an addiction intervention specialist present. There is a bit of information to help you figure this out.

Who is the Addiction Intervention Specialist?

There are many people who may serve as an addiction intervention specialist. How does family history affect addiction? Figuring this out helps in determining what type of specialist you might choose if you want to have one there. Some people that may serve as this type of specialist include social workers, addiction counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists and professional interventionists.

How Do They Help?

An addiction intervention specialist can help in many ways. They are there to help bring together a more efficient and productive intervention. They help in keeping things on task during the intervention. Additionally, they are very helpful in the preparation for the intervention. They help to make sure topics that need to be avoided are stayed away from and topics that should be brought up are done so with care. The specialist is there to help people unite to get your family member to see they need treatment without forcing it upon them. How does family history affect addiction? If it is a major part of the reason your family member is an addict, a specialist is highly recommended.

Is the Specialist Essential to the Intervention?

Trying to figure out whether you absolutely need a specialist at the intervention can be tough. However, some of the times when you should be utilizing the help of a specialist include:

  • Does your family member have a mental illness?
  • Is there a history of violent behaviors with your family member?
  • Does your family member have a history of suicidal behaviors?
  • How does family history affect addiction?

If you can say yes to any of these, you should call an addiction intervention specialist in to help.