Addictions and PTSD: Getting Specialized Treatment

specialized treatmentAddictions and PTSD: Getting Specialized Treatment


It is very unfortunate but many people who have addictions also have a diagnosis of PTSD. Now there are many forms of PTSD such as childhood trauma, sexual abuse, war and much more. The fact is dealing with PTSD can be difficult. That is why many people turn to addictive lifestyles to cover up their pain, feelings and emotions. Do you want to help an addict get treatment for their addictions and PTSD? If so, you will want to get them into specialized treatment. PTSD is a touchy subject and difficult to talk about. They will need the specialized treatment to help them overcome it correctly and in their own time. There are some others things to learn about this type of treatment.

Co-Occurring Disorders

PTSD is just one of the many co-occurring disorders that many addicts who enter into treatment have. However, it is important to take note of something. Generally those with co-occurring disorders have a difficult time motivating themselves to work a recovery program. So, if you want to help an addict to recover from addictions and PTSD, they will need specialized treatment. This type of treatment is also called dual-diagnosis treatment as well.

Facility Information

When you are able to help an addict get into specialized treatment you will find they are highly credible. The staff has much experience working with co-occurring disorders; especially when it comes to PTSD. They know how to handle addictions along with these disorders. They are ready to hear from you today. These facilities want to help the addict recover just as much as you do and are ready to do that. The leaders of the facility will help an addict to work on a unique and specialized recovery plan. They will make sure it fits the recovering addict’s needs and their experiences.

Co-Occurring Disorder Emotions

When someone has both an addiction and a mental health disorder such as PTSD, they may feel very helpless. They may feel there is no hope. It may seem they are trapped with uncomfortable and painful memories and emotions. However, you can show them that there is help out there. You can guide them to start getting the help they need today.

If you want to help an addict overcome addictions and PTSD a rehab is the right place to go. They will get multiple aspects of support and a specialized treatment program and plan that will work the best for them.