More About Addictions So You Can Help Your Addicted Sibling

More About Addictions So You Can Help Your Addicted Sibling

addicted sibling

Do you have an addicted sibling? If so, you may be heartbroken and in shock. All you wanted was to be close to your sibling and now they couldn’t seem further away from you. If you are able to learn more about addictions, you may have a better chance of helping your sibling with overcoming the addiction. Is addiction genetic? Are there things that have happened in your sibling’s life that caused them to use alcohol or drugs? These are just some questions to ask to learn more about addictions and there are many more.

How did your addicted sibling get that way?

Is addiction genetic? That may be one way your sibling became addicted to alcohol or drugs. Addictions don’t just happen. There is a reason or more than one that cause someone to become addicted. Generally, addictions happen slowly overtime but others it is much quicker. Most people feel some sort of relief or euphoric feeling after using drugs or alcohol and they become addicted to that feeling. After continually using drugs or alcohol, the person usually becomes develops an addiction and that may be what happened to your addicted sibling.

What are the types of addiction and addictive actions?

Many people become dependent upon drugs or alcohol and many develop an addiction. Those who have a physical dependency to these substances usually are addicted or using opiates or amphetamines. When withdrawing, physical effects happen. Those who have a psychological dependency may become depressed, have bad mood swings or even become violent. This may be what your addicted sibling has developed.

What are the cycles of addiction?

Research shows there are cycles of addiction. Your addicted sibling is in one of these stages and may have already been through them all. The first part of the cycle is that euphoric feeling mentioned above. Then the user of drugs or alcohol loses their control. The harmful substances majorly affect their decision making. The third part of the cycle includes craving alcohol or drugs. Then the addict uses over and over to fulfill the cravings. The fifth and last part of the cycle is full addictive mode. When in this stage, your addicted sibling definitely needs help overcoming the addiction.

Now that you learned more about addictions you may be able to help your addicted sibling. Use this information to make decisions about how to best help them.