Is Your Addictive Family Member Depressed? Find Out!

Is Your Addictive Family Member Depressed? Find out!


It is right to be worried about your addictive family member as long as you make sure you still take care of yourself. You might have a ton of worries about them. You might worry they will end up in jail, have health issues from using or even that they will pass away because of their addiction. These are all big worries to take on. It might help if you talk with people in a support group for family members of addicts. Is addiction hereditary? This could cause you to have more worries as well. Is your main concern that your addictive family member is depressed? If so, here are some signs of depression to recognize.

Constantly Sad

If you notice your addictive family member is constantly sad, this could signify depression. Many people with addictions are sad and depressed. They may have had these feelings before starting to use and then used alcohol or drugs to cover it up. These feelings could have developed as a result of using as well. Drugs and alcohol change the chemistry in the brain causing many issues including emotional changes. Is addiction hereditary? Are there other family members who were depressed and sad? Talk with them about what to do if you can.

Feeling Hopeless and Helpless

The feelings of hopelessness and helplessness are difficult to overcome but it can be done. The problem is that when your addictive family member is using it only makes these feelings worse. They feel like it is a never-ending cycle of these emotions. However, the truth is the cycle can end when overcoming their addiction.

Loss of Energy

Your addictive family member may have lost their energy. Do they sit around a lot? Are they sleeping too much? Do they have a difficult time getting around? If you notice these things, your family member could be depressed. Is addiction hereditary? Was this something that other depressed addict family members went through.

Appetite Changes

There are many addicts who experience appetite changes so look for it. They may start eating a lot more than they used to or a lot less. If you notice this is happening with your addictive family member, they could be depressed.

These are just some of the signs to recognize in your addict family member. If you do notice these signs, talk to them so they can get better. Try to get them to reach out for help from you or others.