Is Al-Anon Something You Should Attend?


Is Al-Anon Something You Should Attend?


Living with or dealing with someone who has an addiction can change your world. It can destroy your relationship with that person, cause you a lot of stress and anxiety and make you very confused about some things. Just about everyone in this world is affected by someone’s addiction in some way or another. If you deal with addiction and family, Al-Anon may be right for you. This is a support group for family members, friends, co-workers and others who suffer from someone else’s addiction.

If only the addict loved you…

If you find yourself having the thought, if only the addict loved you they would quit using, you could benefit from Al-Anon. When you find yourself making threats to them that if they don’t quit, you will leave but you never do, this support group could help you. Their addiction has nothing to do with their love for you. It is an internal disease that they are dealing with. You can learn more about this in the support groups. When dealing with addiction and family, things can be tough but just know it doesn’t have to do with their love for you.

The addiction negatively affects me…

If you have thought that your loved one’s or friend’s addiction is negatively affecting you, you could benefit from Al-Anon support group meetings. Maybe you are constantly worrying about how much they are using. You might be thinking about the types of problems they have because of their addiction. Maybe you even stay up late at night and conjure up ideas on how to fix their problems. If this sounds like your life, addiction and family are mixing up too much. You should try out Al-Anon support groups.

You cover up the addict’s behavior…

If you have found yourself covering up the addict’s behavior in any way, you should go to Al-Anon support groups. Maybe you have found yourself calling into their work for them because they were still under the influence. You may have called to cancel appointments or scheduled meet-ups and made up a lie to cover up their use. If you have done these things, a support group may be just what you need.

You are scared when around the addict….

If you often feel scared when around the addict, it is time for you to get some help. The best place to start is with Al-Anon support groups and therapy. If you feel in extreme danger calling 9-1-1 is always the best option.

There are many ways that addiction and family mix together. It is unfortunate but if you are feeling, thinking or doing any of the above-mentioned things, it is time to get some support. Al-Anon support groups can help.