What Alcohol Promises Many People?

What Alcohol Promises Many People?


When someone considers using alcohol, they think it won’t be that big of a deal. The problem is the more they drink, the more promises alcohol makes to them and the more they believe in those promises. Is addiction hereditary? If so, one of the promises might be you won’t become addicted because you know you don’t want what happened to a family member to happen to you. That is one promise that will be broken. There are others that will be broken as well.

You Will Be Cooler and More Popular Socially

One of the promises alcohol makes to people is they will be cooler and more popular socially. This generally comes from peer pressure. When you start drinking and others around you think it is “cool”, you start to believe the same thing. The truth is when you drink it isn’t cool and you will do things that will later be regretted. You might do things in a social situation that destroy your reputation. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you might have other in the family saying it is cool to drink or alright to do but it isn’t. Believe in the fact that sobriety is cool not consuming alcohol.

You Will Be More Productive

Another one of the promises alcohol makes is that you will be more productive. Some people consume wine to relax their mind while reading or working. They may drink to get a good night of sleep so they can be more productive the next day. The truth is that doesn’t work. When someone drinks wine, they end up getting less reading or work done because their brain isn’t functioning as quickly as it should be. When someone drinks to get better sleep, they don’t hit REM sleep as much so their sleep is harmed so they don’t do so well the next day.

You Will Be Happier

Many people drink alcohol because they want to get rid of negative feelings. Alcohol promises you that you will be happier when you drink. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you will see that couldn’t be farther from the truth. Alcohol ruins relationships, causes depression, leads to mood swings and hides problems instead of fixing them. Alcohol doesn’t make your happier. It causes all sorts of problems that are tough to get through.

These are some of the promises alcohol makes. Don’t believe in any of them if you want to make something of your life.