How Does Alcoholism Destroy Lives

How Does Alcoholism Destroy Lives


Alcoholism destroys lives every single day and in all areas of the country. There are millions of people who pass away due to an alcohol or drug addiction. There are many more who are suffering from mental, physical and emotional health effects caused from the alcohol addiction. How does family history affect addiction and life in general? Those who have many family members, who suffer from an alcohol addiction, seem to have many more negative effects from this disease.


There are numerous types of cancer that are caused from alcoholism so stop drinking to prevent this in your life. Some of the most common cancers caused by this disease are breast, throat, colon and mouth cancer. Cancer destroys lives and from a result of an alcohol addiction, the risk of cancer increases. How does family history affect addiction? Many families have alcohol induced cancers that run in the family so be sure to know this about your own family.

Liver and Heart Disease

Alcoholism also destroys lives by causing liver and heart disease which are very damaging. Cirrhosis and hepatitis are two types of liver disease that are caused from an alcohol addiction. These diseases are often fatal. How does family history affect addiction? Many alcoholics will develop this kind of disease and often it is found in many addicts in the family. The heart disease issues caused from an alcohol addiction are usually strokes, high blood pressure and heart attacks.

Sleep Disorders

There are many alcoholics who will develop sleep disorders as well. How does family history affect addiction? If someone knows that others in the family have sleep disorders because of alcoholism, they should avoid drinking alcohol at all. There are often many health issues that result from sleep disorders so that is another issue to watch for.

Damage to the Brain

Many alcoholics will end up with brain damage which then leads to other issues. Sometimes it gets so bad that they need to be put into a long-term nursing care facility because of all the brain damage. The brain damage is often serious and irreversible as well so be sure to stop drinking immediately.

Mental Health Problems

Depression, stress and anxiety are often caused by alcoholism as well. Other mental health problems caused by an alcohol addiction may be hallucinations or paranoia. Treatment is available for these so reach out today. Those who develop these mental health issues may have a difficult time handling relationships, emotions or taking care of their responsibilities.

These are some of the ways that an alcohol addiction will destroy lives. If you suffer from an alcohol addiction, it is important to seek out help from a rehab center. There are many recovery programs available and it is possible to overcome the disease of an alcohol addiction.