How Can You Get a Family Member to Accept Treatment?

How Can I Get My Family Member to Accept Treatment?



Maybe you have gotten your loved one into treatment or maybe you are just starting to try. Either way, sometimes your family member may decide to accept treatment and then change their mind. Is addiction hereditary? If so, it may make it much harder for the addict to accept treatment. It is possible for your family member to grasp onto treatments and accept the help they need. Sometimes it is just a bit more difficult for some than others. There are some things you can do to increase the chances that your family member may accept treatment.


Sometimes your family member just needs some more motivation. If they are normally one who lacks motivation to do things, it might be difficult to get them interested in treatment. Is addiction hereditary? If so, that may make them less motivated or it could make them more motivated. Things could go either way. However, if you can get your family member more motivated to change their ways, they are more likely to go to rehab.

Rehabs with Recovering Addict Staff

Sometimes it can be helpful for your family member to know that a staff member at the rehab is a recovering addict. There are many recovering addicts who seek out jobs in the recovery field so they can help others. If your family member knows about this, they may be more likely to go because they will feel more understood and accepted.


Is addiction hereditary? If so, your family member may be scared to enter into treatment. They may feel like there is no way they can stay sober and clean. However, if you can help them find a rehab that is really engaged in the recovery of their patients, they may be more willing to go. Sometimes an addict needs to know that people care about them and that the rehab cares about their success.


Showing compassion to your family member is another way that you can let them know you care. If they just feel like they need someone to love them while they overcome their addiction, you can be there for them. Bring in others to tell your family member they care about them as well. The more people who can do this for them, the higher chance they will go to rehab.

These are some of the ways that you can increase the chances that your family member will accept treatment. Is addiction hereditary? Maybe you can find another family member with an addiction to let your other family member know addiction is not the answer.