Can a Pet Help Your Loved One Stay Sober?

Can a Pet Help Your Loved One Stay Sober?


When your loved one is seeking out a sober and recovering lifestyle, you should know about what can help them. This will put addiction and family far apart but the relationship in a healthier state. There are many recovering addicts who will benefit from having a pet. These are often called emotional support animals. When your loved one is getting into recovery and living sober, they need to work on certain things and in many ways a pet can help them with that.

Building Up Relationships

As your loved one gets sober and into recovery, they need to build up stronger and healthier relationships. This can be quite tough especially when they need to work through one relationship at a time. There may be some relationship issues that are very tough to work through. Having a pet around helps them to vent, talk to someone when they are dealing with a difficult relationship and have love when as relationship isn’t working out as planned. Addiction and family may be taking a bit to work through but a dog, cat, bird or another animal will be there for your loved one through it all.

Emotional Help

Sometimes your loved one may be experiencing emotions that are tough to handle during sobriety and recovery. They may be going to therapy but having a difficult time opening up. If that is the case, they can talk to their pet. Pets sit there and listen. There is no judgment on your loved one and they can work through their emotions with no worries. Addiction and family may have been stressful on your loved one but now they can ease those emotions through a relationship with their pet.

Therapy Assistance

There are some recovering and sober addicts who take a long time to open up to a counselor or therapist. This is when they may be able to take their pet into therapy with them. Some studies show that recovering addicts who bring their pet to therapy are much more likely to open up during their sessions.

More Balanced Recovery

Sometimes a recovering addict may have a difficult time balancing their recovery. Having a pet may help them to relieve stress so they can have a more balanced and organized recovering lifestyle. Some of the best pets for this reason include dogs, cats, hamsters and birds.

If your loved one wants to stay sober, having a pet could help them do that.