How Can You Teach Your Teenager About Drugs?

How Can You Teach Your Teenager About Drugs?


There are thousands of teenagers who start using drugs. This is not only dangerous and illegal but it is very unfortunate. When a teen starts using drugs, their entire life gets thrown off balance. Is addiction genetic? That may teach teens that addictive behaviors are normal and no big deal. If you want to teach your teenager about drugs, there are some things you should let them know.

False Popular Culture Information

One of the first things to teach your teenager about drugs is with the false information produced by popular culture. They will see things in movies, on television shows, on advertising boards and even in magazines about some drugs. This may make them think it is cool or normal to use. Is addiction genetic? If it is, your teen may be further pushed into the information offered by popular culture. Let your teenager know how false this information is and tell them the truth instead.

Tell Them about Fatalities

Teenagers are old enough that they can handle the truth about most things. If you want to teach your teenager about drugs, tell them about fatalities. Let them know how many people overdose and what they overdose on. Talk about car accidents, fights or crime that occurs because someone was using. If your teen knows about the fatalities that occur because of drugs they may be less likely to use. Is addiction genetic? If someone in the family has passed away because of addiction, talk with your teen about this as well.

Drug Education Programs

If you are unsure on how to educate your teenager about drugs, get them into drug education programs. Many middle schools and high schools offer these types of programs. However, if your teenager’s school does not, you can always check into the community for a similar kind of program.

Real Life Examples

You can also talk to your teenager about real-life examples. You may want to reach out to people you know who have suffered from an addiction and have them talk to your teen. It might be helpful to pull up some YouTube real-life videos on addiction. This could help your teen to see the reality of the damage that is done.

These are some of the ways you can teach your teenager about drugs and addiction. Is addiction genetic? If it is, make sure your educate your teenager on this as soon as possible.