Why Can’t You Make Your Addicted Family Member Quit Using?

Why Can’t You Make Your Addicted Family Member Quit Using?

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You have been trying and trying to make your addicted family member quit using but it isn’t working. Why is this? Is addiction hereditary? If so, that may be one reason your family member isn’t budging. There could be other reasons as well. The first thing to note is you can’t make anyone do anything. It is up to them what choices they make in life. However, you can learn more here today about why you can’t make your addicted family member stop using drugs or alcohol.

Family History of Addictions

Is addiction hereditary? This could be one of the first reasons why your family member will not quit using drugs or alcohol. The addiction could be genetic. It could also be because they grew up around parents or other family members who were using drugs or alcohol. When someone has a genetic predisposition to an addiction, they are much more likely to get an addiction. This may be the case for your family member.

Mental Health Issues

There are some addicts who cover up mental health issues by using alcohol or drugs. If your family member is doing this, that may be why you can’t make them quit using. Whether they have bipolar disorder, anxiety, stress or another type of mental health issue, it could be leading them to use alcohol or drugs. If they are covering up the symptoms of the mental health issues, they may not want to give that up. They may think they have no other choice.


There are also many addicts who are in denial. If your addicted family member is in denial, they aren’t going to quit using until they see their addiction. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, it may take your family member even longer to see that their behaviors and use of alcohol or drugs is ruining their life. For now, you may just have to wait it out.

Why can’t you make your addicted family member quit using? Is addiction hereditary? Does your family member have any mental health issues? Is your family member in denial? These are just some of the many reasons why your addicted family member may not stop using drugs or alcohol. It just takes longer for some addicts to see the light than others. Some may never get there. The best thing you can do now is take care of yourself, let your family member know you are there if they need help overcoming their addiction and just have patience.