The Damaging Effects on the Family with a Heroin Overdose

The Damaging Effects on the Family with a Heroin Overdose

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If you have a family member who has had a heroin overdose, this can cause a lot of damaging effects on the family. Even if you just have someone in the family with a heroin addiction, just the thought of them overdosing could negatively affect the family. To help an addicted family member who has had or may have a heroin overdose, there are some things you should know. There are many forms of treatment for those who have an addiction to heroin. The unfortunate thing is that many overdose before they get into treatment. Find out more here about heroin overdose and learning to help an addicted family member before things get worse.


One of the main things that a heroin addict will do is start isolating from their family members. Their use often becomes much more important that what their loved ones want for them. If you care about your loved one and you want to help an addicted family member, do your best not to let them isolate from you. Maybe you can stop in and see them. You can ask them if they want to do things with you like going to the movies, dinner or shopping. Without enabling, do everything in your power to show them you want to be near them. This could help to prevent them from having a heroin overdose. They may see how much you care and get treatment.


When a family loses a member of the family to a heroin overdose, they need to grieve. The grieving time can be tough on everyone in the family. Different people grieve differently. If there are others in the family who are recovering from an addiction, the heroin overdose of their family member could cause them to have a relapse. If you wanted to help an addicted family member but they lost the battle to their addiction instead, know there are grief support groups for family members of addicts you can attend.

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Sometimes when someone is addicted to heroin and they overdose, other addicts in the family may drop further into their addiction. Instead of seeing the overdose as a chance to get treatment, they turn to the dark side of their addiction instead. To help an addicted family member, know that one addictive act does not constitute another. Treatment for even one person is what needs to be done.

There are many damaging effects on the family when there is a heroin overdose. Knowing about this now can help you to handle it when someone in your family has an overdose.