Why is it Difficult for a Teenager to Get and Stay Sober?


Why is it Difficult for a Teenager to Get and Stay Sober?


While it can be difficult for anyone to get and stay sober, it is especially hard for a teenager to do this. They are struggling with strong emotions that they may not yet know how to handle. They don’t quite understand addiction and family which complicates things even more. Most teenage addicts don’t feel comfortable going to their family for help in overcoming the addiction so they just keep using. When in recovery, they may not feel their family understands or supports them enough either.

Pressure from Parents

One of the reasons it is difficult for a teenager to get and stay sober is because of the pressure from their parents. It is alright to have expectations from your teenage child. However, some of the pressure from these expectations can leave your child feeling alone and hopeless. The pressure from getting high grades, winning a sports game or doing great at everything might get to them. Addiction and family then end up co-existing and problems become worse.

Anxiety and Stress

There are many reasons why a teenager might have anxiety and stress. Some of their classes in school may be struggling for them. They may have friends who pressure them into using drugs or alcohol. Their family state may not be in the best condition. These are just some reasons addiction and family may end up together. When a teenage child suffers from anxiety and stress, especially in higher levels, they may end up using drugs or alcohol.

Not Knowing How to Ask for Help

In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, it might also be difficult for a teenager to get and stay sober because they don’t know how to ask for help. Their parents may not have talked to them about what to do if they felt pressured to use drugs or alcohol. They may not have been told what to do if they ever tried drugs or alcohol. While parents shouldn’t encourage their children to use, they should have them be prepared in case they ever make the mistake of trying.

These are some reasons it might be difficult for a teenager to get and stay sober. When it comes to addiction and family, sometimes they co-exist even at a very young age. For any teenager struggling with addiction, help is out there. If you don’t feel you can ask your parents, ask another adult you trust.