How Do Drugs Affect Your Family Members?

How Do Drugs Affect Your Family Members?


When your family members are using drugs, it affects them in many ways. If you are wondering what the drugs are doing to them and you want to help, learn more about the addiction today. Is addiction genetic? Maybe you have many family members who abuse drugs and you just want to show everyone something that could help them change.

Mood Swings

One of the ways that drugs affect your family members is by causing mood swings. There are some drugs that are worse than others with this issue. Some anti-depressants can cause manic episodes. Many pain medications can cause irritability and even anger. There are many medications out there and each one could cause mood swings depending on who is taking it. Is addiction genetic? You can look at other family members who have an addiction and see how the harmful substances affect them as well.


There are also many drugs that will outbursts and anabolic steroids are one of the main ones that may cause this problem. These outbursts may be verbal anger, blaming you for things or even physical violence. If you are in a difficult situation that has become violent or too emotionally unstable, reach out for help immediately. Is addiction genetic? If you know how certain drugs have affected some people in your family and it wasn’t good, you can guess how it could affect others.


There might be some family members who are isolating themselves from you and everyone else. Some people who have an addiction to drugs don’t want to be around others. They think people will judge them or confront them about their use of harmful substances. Is addiction genetic? If so, you may know this is going to happen because others have done it to you. If you have a family member who is isolating themselves and you are worried they are depressed, call a mental health facility or the addiction rehab to find if there is anything you can do.

There are many ways that drugs could affect your family members. If you see that any of these things are happening, be sure you don’t talk to them about treatment during major mood swings, outbursts or during severe isolation. This may cause them to push away even more. Call the rehab center, find an intervention specialist or call someone to help you reach your family member.