Why Are Drugs So Appealing to Teenagers?

Why Are Drugs So Appealing to Teenagers?


People of all ages develop an addiction. There are people that are in retirement who start using drugs. There are people that are years into a career who develop a drug addiction. Early adults and even teenager become addicted as well. While it is unfortunate that anyone develops an addiction, it is often so confusing as to why this happens to teenagers. If you know a teenager who started using and you want to help an addict, find out why drugs are so appealing to them. If you know why they started or why they are using, you could help them get addiction treatment.

Pressure from Peers

One of the most known causes for teenagers to use drugs is pressure from their peers. Being a teenager can be tough. Teens feel they have to constantly know what everyone else wants from them. They think they always need to know what is cool or in that week or the next. Then they feel that they must do those things to be in the popular crowd. When teens experience pressure from their peers to do something, it is often difficult for them to turn it down. When the pressure is to do drugs, they do it and many become addicted. If you want to help an addict teen who was pressured into using, get them into a support group and into rehab. Talk to them about changing their group of friends.


There are also many teenagers who start using because they are rebelling. This is quite common in teens who come from broken homes or from teens who have addictive parents. When a teenager comes from divorced parents, they may want to rebel against one or both of them. Some teenagers choose to not listen or break rules and others start using drugs. If you want to help an addict teen who started using as an act of rebellion, get them into counseling. Be there to listen to them about their problems. This could help them to see that someone cares and they should get treatment.

Covering Up Problems

Some teenagers start using drugs to cover up their problems. This could be problems they are having with friends or even bullies at school. It could have to do with problems they are having in their home. Maybe they are having problems with becoming an adult. Sometimes the emotional toll that teens go through is enough to send them into doing drugs. If you want to help an addict that used to cover up problems they are having, be there for them. Let them know you will do what you can to help them with those problems.

These are some of the reasons that drugs are so appealing to teenagers. Now that you are aware of this, you can help them see a different view on things and get try to get them into treatment.