How is Dual-Diagnosis Treated?

How is Dual-Diagnosis Treated?


Dual-diagnosis is a term you might hear when you are trying to help an addict. If your loved one or friend has an addiction and a mental health diagnosis, they might be termed to have a dual-diagnosis. When treating this, your loved one or friend must overcome their addiction. That will be the first step and when in treatment for the addiction, the mental health disorders will be treated as well.

Residential Treatment Centers

There are many benefits of going to a residential treatment center. If you want to help an addict, talk to them about going to this type of center for overcoming and treating their addiction. Let them know what you have learned about dual-diagnosis treatment. If they are going to treat the mental health issues properly, they also need to seek help for overcoming the addiction. Residential treatment centers are the best place to get treatment for both these things.

Going Through Detox

Before getting mental health treatment for the dual-diagnosis, your loved one or friend will need to go through detox. If you want to help an addict, be there to support them before, during and after this process. It is one of the toughest things for any addict to do. After they have gone through detoxing, they can further their treatment of the addiction with a recovery program. While attending that program, they can receive mental health treatment as well.

Recovery Program

While working the recovery program, your friend or loved one, will work through issues related to their addiction. The truth is many people who have a dual-diagnosis, had their mental health issues first. The symptoms from those disorders led them to drink alcohol or use drugs. From there, both the addiction and the mental health issues worsened. When going to a recovery program, they will learn how to live without alcohol and drugs. They will also learn how to manage their mental health issues. If you want to help an addict, be there to support their sobriety and all the work they do on their mental health issues too.

These are some of things to know about a dual-diagnosis. Now that you have more information on this, you can help an addict in your life. Be there to support them through the process of detoxing, the recovery program and the treatment of their mental health issues. You can be there for them and help them get through all of this.