Are You the Enabler to Your Addicted Loved One?

Are You the Enabler to Your Addicted Loved One?


Unfortunately, you may be the enabler to your addicted loved one. If you want to change the look of addiction and family, it is time to learn about whether or not you are enabling. If you find that you are, there are changes you can make so they realize treatment is needed and that you will no longer help them with using drugs or alcohol.

Calling Into Their Work

There are many addicts who will miss work because they are drunk or high. They may also miss work because of coming down from a high or being hungover. If your loved one is having you call into their work for them or you are doing it because you don’t want them to get fired, this will need to stop. If you do this, you are the enabler to their addiction. You are giving them an excuse to keep drinking or getting high. They don’t get to feel the consequences of their addiction because you are covering for them at their job.

Handing Over Money

Another way that you may be the enabler is by handing over money to them. When you give addicts money, they may be spending it on drugs or alcohol. They may even be paying bills but they would have the money for their bills if they didn’t spend their money on drugs or alcohol. From now on, don’t give them money for anything. Don’t buy them things they are without if you know they spent their money on drugs or alcohol. Addiction and family should not be combined when it comes to finances so don’t let it be.

Acting Like Everything is Fine

If you are acting like everything is fine, this makes you the enabler. Your addicted loved one needs to know that other people see their addiction. When you act like things are fine, they continue their use without any ramifications. Preserving their image by acting as if things are fine only makes the problem that much worse.

Believing in Lies They Tell

If you believe in lies they tell, especially if they tell the same one over and over again, you are enabling them. It is time that you confront their lies and let them know you won’t be a part of it any longer.

When it comes to addiction and family, you must separate the two. You must stop being the enabler and let your addicted loved one see the truth of what they are doing.