Are You Enabling the Person You Love with Their Addiction?

Are You Enabling the Person You Love with Their Addiction?


If someone you love has an addiction, it is time to think about whether you are enabling that person with their use of drugs or alcohol. Even if you are enabling this does not make you directly responsible for their addiction. However, by ending the enabling you are able to free yourself more from their addiction. Your loved one may need to hit their bottom if they are going to admit to their addiction and get help. Addiction and family are tough to understand but by figuring out if you are enabling, you will understand it all better.

Bailing Them Out

One of the ways to tell if you are enabling the person you love with their addiction is if you have bailed them out. Do you call into their work and make an excuse for why they can’t show up? Have you made excuses to other family members about where they were or what they were doing? Have you bailed them out of jail or a possible legal situation? These are ways that you may be enabling them. If you want them to get treatment at some point, this must stop. Addiction and family can’t co-exist, not a true, healthy family anyways.

Telling Them Things Aren’t That Bad

Another way you may be enabling your loved one with their addiction is by telling them things aren’t that bad. Even if you feel their drinking or drug use could be worse, don’t tell them it isn’t that bad. They have an addiction. If they are told by others that things aren’t that bad, they will believe it. This will also fuel the fire in making them believe they can keep using. It may even put them into complete denial about their addiction. Addiction and family often get interloped so try to make sure you aren’t doing this from now on.

Giving Them Money

You also may be enabling your loved one with their addiction by giving them money. If you have been doing this, they are probably using it on drugs or alcohol. Even if they have paid a bill with it, they didn’t have money for that bill because of spending their money on drugs or alcohol. Don’t give them money. They need to see how much their addiction is taking from them.

These are some of the ways you may be enabling your loved one. If you are doing these things, do your best to stop. It will benefit you and your loved one in the end.