What Should You Expecet with a Drug Rehab Program?

What Should You Expect with a Drug Rehab Program?

drug rehab program

Is addiction genetic? If it is, you only want for your loved one to overcome the addiction. You want them to break the cycle by getting help from a drug rehab program. You can’t make them get into the program but you certainly can support them when they do go. When your loved one gets into the program, there are some things you should expect. When they get each of these things, it will help them move further from living in addiction and closer to living in recovery.

Assessment Physical

You should expect that your loved one will get an assessment based on their physical health. The physician on staff at the drug rehab program will assess your loved one’s addiction. They will create a plan for detoxing based off what their addiction is and how severe it is. The physician will look at any physical health issues your loved one has to keep them safe during the process of detoxing as well. Is addiction genetic? If so, you may already know that the drug rehab program takes great care of those who come in.

Assessment Psychological

The psychiatrist on staff at the drug rehab program will provide an assessment to your loved one as well. Is addiction genetic? If so, you may know of some psychological issues that others in the family may have had. These might include bipolar, anxiety, emotional disorders, depression or something else. There will be this type of assessment when your loved first goes into the program but it won’t be final. Your loved one will need another after they have been sober and clean for a while.

Detox Program

You can expect that your loved one will participate in the detox program at the drug rehab program. There are qualified and experienced clinicians on staff to work with your loved on a customized treatment plan. They make sure your loved one is safe through the process and will make them as comfortable as possible.

Recovery Program

After detoxing, your loved one will work the recovery program. When going to a drug rehab program, the recovering part might consist of different types of therapy, exercise, nutritional counseling and other holistic treatment. Those might include acupuncture, yoga, meditation and other treatments.

This is what you can expect when your loved one goes into a drug rehab program. Be there to support them in any way that you can.