Does Your Family Member Have an Addiction to Drugs?


Does Your Family Member Have an Addiction to Drugs?


You have been thinking about your family member’s changes? They don’t seem like the person they used to be and you have a feeling something is going on. You want to know what it is and maybe you have your suspicions. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, you may be thinking that your family member has an addiction to drugs. If you are thinking about this or worried about it, here are some of the signs that you could be correct.

Noticeable Changes in Their Behaviors

The first thing you may notice if your family member has an addiction to drugs is noticeable changes in their behaviors. When someone uses drugs, they may become depressed, anxious, irritable or even aggressive. They may become lethargic or they could have a lot more energy than they usually have. If you think your family member has these sorts of noticeable changes in their behavior, they might have an addiction to drugs. Is addiction hereditary? If so, what behavioral changes have others had. Those changes may be present in this family member as well.

Withdrawing from Loved Ones

Your family member may have an addiction to drugs if they are withdrawing from loved ones. They might be withdrawing so others don’t see their use of drugs. Maybe they are isolating from others because they don’t think anyone will understand. They may withdraw because they are ashamed of who they have become. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, your family member may withdraw so others don’t know they have are addicted to drugs as well.

Losing Interest in Activities or Hobbies

If you notice that your family member has been losing interest in activities or hobbies, they might be addicted to drugs. They may not participate in sports as they once did. Maybe they stopped coming over for Sunday family dinners. If you notice your family member is not into things as they once were, they could be addicted to drugs.

These are some of the ways to tell if a family member is addicted to drugs. If you notice any of these things, it may be time to speak with them regarding what they are going through. If they are unwilling to confront their addiction, you may want to talk to others or hold an intervention. Think about these things and decide what you will be doing from here.