Is Your Family Member Getting Out of Rehab? What Should You Know?

Is Your Family Member Getting Out of Rehab? What Should You Know?


If your family member is getting out of rehab, there are some things you should know. Dealing with addiction and family can be quite tough. You may be filled with anticipation for them coming home. You want to do the right things and avoid saying the wrong things. Your emotions may be all over the place. Imagine what they must be filling. So, what are you supposed to do? This is not just a transition for them; it is a transition for you as well. You can contribute to your family member’s recovery by knowing certain things.

Rehab Doesn’t Cure Their Addiction

There is absolutely no cure for an addiction. However, the treatment they got in rehab can help them to be more successful in life. They have learned to make more positive choices in life. Your family member has learned not to put themselves into situations that could lead them to use drugs and alcohol again. Now just because they have learned these things doesn’t mean everything will be perfect. They are going to have triggers and cravings because addiction isn’t curable. When it comes to addiction and family, be there for them and help them to stop cravings at just that. These don’t have to lead them to use again.

Influence Them Positively

The influence you provide for your family member is of importance when they get out of rehab. Addiction and family can rotate roles. The family role can take over the addiction role. That is what you should help your family member to realize when they get home. Let them know you are there for them. Be a positive influence for them. Don’t use drugs or alcohol in front of them. Don’t talk about others who are using. Talk about how great your family member is doing and positive aspects of their life and yours.

Have Support for Yourself

When your family member comes home from rehab, you can’t make your life all about them. They are going to get support from meetings, groups and aftercare. You may need some support to handle the transition as well. Attending groups or therapy for yourself can help you to make the adjustments that are needed.

Addiction and family can switch roles and you can help that to happen. When your family member comes home from rehab, following the above tips helps you to make the transition smoother.