What Do Family Members Have to Do with the Addict’s Treatment?

What Do Family Members Have to Do with the Addict’s Treatment?

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If you want to help an addict, it is helpful to learn what family members have to do with the addict’s treatment. First, remember that you are not responsible for them completing treatment or doing the recovery work. It is going to be up to them whether the do that or whether they don’t. Generally, addictions run in the family. Also, the addiction doesn’t just affect the addict but everyone else around them as well.

Role Played

Every one of the family members plays some sort of role in the addict’s treatment. By figuring out what role you play in their use of alcohol or drugs or in their addictive behaviors, you can help an addict. Keep in mind this doesn’t mean you are responsible for them using. However, if you take them to the store to buy alcohol, you are enabling their addiction. If you want them to get better, you will need to stop doing things like this.

Support and Guidance

The family members can also provide a lot of support and guidance during the addict’s treatment. An addict needs some support so they aren’t fighting their disease on their own. You can stand by them as they work the recovery program. You can make sure you are there to help them if they are having a bad day. If they come to you for advice, keep it simple and don’t get too involved. Guide them and support them without trying to control what they do.


The family members can also be a large part of the healing process in the addict’s treatment. There may be many things the addict needs to overcome and heal from. If you want to help an addict, being there to help them heal is one way to go. You can take them to therapy, let them stay over for a night or two if they are having triggers or nightmares or something similar. Let them know you are there to help them heal and overcome their addiction.

These are some of the ways family members can be involved in the addict’s treatment. If you are planning to help an addict, now is the time to step up to that plate. Talk to them today and let them know you fully support their sober and recovering lifestyle. If they aren’t in treatment yet, let them know you will back them up once they get there.