What Are the First Steps in Getting Your Loved One to See Their Addiction Clearly?

What is the First Steps in Getting Your Loved One to See Their Addiction Clearly?


Do you have a loved one who just can’t seem to see their addiction for what it is? You may see their use of alcohol or drugs is destroying their lives. You must understand it is much harder for an addict to see the error of their ways as it is for those around them. If you want to help an addict see their addiction more clearly, there are some tips to help you with that. Before you can get them to see things more clearly, you must fully admit to yourself they are addicted to drugs or alcohol. Once you have done this, the following tips can be followed.

Talk to Them About Your Feelings When They are Clean and Sober

If you can find a time when your loved one is clean and sober, talk to them about your feelings. Focus on how you feel about their actions. Let them know how you feel when they are treating you badly while they are under the influence. If they aren’t willing to listen to you, you may have to find a different solution. You may want to get others to talk to your loved one about how they feel as well.

Get Yourself Into Meetings

If you would like your loved one to see their addiction clearly, you may need to get yourself into meetings. There are so many people who believe an addict can just quit using drugs or drinking if they wanted to. However, that is not how things work. If you want to help an addict, go to some meetings to learn more about how these substances affect your loved one. When you know more, you can better help them to change their views.

Showing Them What Their Addiction Has Done

Sometimes an addict needs to physically see what their use of drugs or alcohol has done. If you want to help an addict, find some ways to show them this. Maybe there was thousands of dollars in their savings account before they began using and now they have nothing. Show them statements. They may have had better communication with a loved one before and now they don’t. Show them this has happened.

These are some of the first steps in getting your loved one to see their addiction clearly. Try these tips to see how they help.