What Happens After Your Loved One Goes Through Detox?

What Happens After Your Loved One Goes Through Detox?


Since your loved one realized they had an addiction or they were forced into treatment, they needed to go through detox. You want to be there to support them but not sure how to differentiate between addiction and family now that they are sober. The good news is the detox program will be a good transition for them into a recovering lifestyle. The more you know about detoxing, the better you can be as a support person for your loved one. If you are wondering what will happen after your loved one goes through detox, this information should benefit you.

Therapy Happens

Your loved one will need therapy after detoxing. The process of detoxing is an emotional process and it can be difficult for someone to stay sober after detoxing if they don’t get therapy. They need to talk about what they went through, discuss any issues they may be having after detoxing and get therapy during the recovery process as well. The sober lifestyle doesn’t end after the detox program. It continues for as long as your loved one wants it to. The therapy for a year or two will help your loved one deal with cravings properly, pay more attention to their feelings and overcome obstacles that come up as well.

Making Positive Changes

After your loved one is done with the detox program, they are going to be making some positive changes. While they may seem to have it altogether, they still need support. They need to know addiction and family are apart now and they have you on their team. The changes they will be making will be big ones and that is a lot for anyone to get used to.

Preventing Relapse

Your loved one will need to work on preventing relapse after they get through the detox program too. This is a lifelong process but once they get the hang of it, things may not be so hard for them. They will need to learn the relapse prevention skills to help them make it. These might include taking mental health days, using essential oils, exercising, going to therapy and more. If they need more support when preventing relapse, be there for them.

These are some of the things that will happen after your loved one finishes detoxing from alcohol and drugs. Once they make it this far, try to be part of their support team as much as you can.