How to Help an Addicted Friend Get Clean and Sober

How to Help an Addicted Friend Get Clean and Sober

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You have an addicted friend. Their main focus in life seems to be getting high or drunk. All you wish is for them to get better and stop using drugs or alcohol. What are you supposed to do? Is addiction genetic? Take this into consideration when you try to help them get clean and sober. The first thing to know is that not all alcoholics and addicts are the same. Something that works to help one may not help the next. By learning some of the tips for helping your friend, you may be able to get them to see treatment is their greatest option.

Understanding the Addiction

The first way to help an addicted friend get clean and sober is by understanding the addiction. If you don’t already have an addiction or know someone who does, more than likely you don’t fully understand what an addiction does to someone. It is a destructive disease that is knocking your friend out. They need you to know they aren’t choosing that lifestyle. Even if they admit to their addiction, it isn’t easy to break the addictive habits.

Stop Ignoring Their Addiction

Another way you can help an addicted friend get clean and sober is to stop ignoring their addiction. They may not seem as bad as you think they could be. You may not feel comfortable confronting their addictive choices. However, ignoring their addiction is only further enabling them to use. Is addiction genetic? If so, they may have others who are ignoring their addiction and they don’t need you doing the same.

No Judgments

The last thing your addicted friend needs is for you to judge them. Most likely they already feel bad enough about what drugs or alcohol are doing to their life. They may know the addiction is destroying their life. They may even know they need help but just can’t get there yet. Judging them is only going to make them feel more alone.

Show Them Your Support

Your addicted friend needs for you to show them your support. Show them you care about them and what happens to their life. Offer them a comforting shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to an extent of what they are going through or even a ride to recovery meetings.

If you want to help an addicted friend get clean and sober, these are some things that you may need to do. Give them a try to see how it helps your friend. Just remember the changes won’t happen overnight. You must have patience.