Helping Yourself When Your Loved One Has an Addiction

Helping Yourself When Your Loved One Has an Addiction

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Now that you know your loved one has an addiction, it is time to start helping yourself. Yes, it may seem like you only need to help them since they are the one who is addicted to alcohol or drugs. However, if you don’t start helping yourself, you won’t be able to help them. Keeping your own sanity and emotions in check is one of the first things to do when you find out your loved one is addicted to alcohol or drugs. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you may have multiple family members you need to worry about and that can put a lot of stress on you. Today, you will learn some ways to help yourself during this tough time.

Stepping Away for a Bit

Sometimes you just need to take a step back. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you may be so overwhelmed by multiple family members having an addiction. You may not know what to do or so or who to be around. You need to start helping yourself keep your own sanity by stepping away for a bit. Take some time for yourself so you can take care of you and think about what you should be doing for your family members. Then you can come back and talk with them about what to do.

Forgiving or Working with Yourself

Many people blame themselves when they find out their family member is addicted to drugs or alcohol. If you have been blaming yourself, start helping yourself instead. Forgive yourself and tell yourself it is not your fault. You didn’t force them to use. At one point, you may have used with them but it is still not your fault. Forgive yourself so you can heal and move forward. Once you do this, you can help them do the same.


Another way you can start helping yourself when your loved one has an addiction is through writing. You may not be sure what you are feeling or thinking. By writing about it, you can work through your thoughts and emotions so you can figure these things out. Get yourself a journal or a notebook and start writing today.

These are some things you can do to start helping yourself if your loved one has an addiction. Helping yourself is the first step before you start helping them out.