Heroin Addiction: What Are the Long-Term Effects?

Heroin Addiction: What Are the Long-Term Effects?

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With any addiction to harmful substances, there are going to be some long-term effects. When it comes to a heroin addiction, the long-term effects are not only dangerous, they are often deadly as well. How does family history affect addiction? If it is part of the family, the long-term effects of some family members may already be known. While not the same effects happen to everyone, they common ones are likely to happen with almost anyone who has a longer-term heroin addiction.

Failure of the Kidneys

One of the long-term effects of a heroin addiction is failure of the kidneys. It is not possible to determine exactly what heroin dealers put into their drugs before selling them. There are often contaminants of many sorts that get into the heroin. The heroin is bad enough for the body and the contaminants make things even worse. Both the drug and these contaminants have a high chance of causing kidney failure. How does family history affect addiction? Find out if others in the family have had kidney issues as a result of an addiction.

Diseases of the Lungs

Having a heroin addiction can be cause extreme distress to your respiratory system. When taking this drug for a long period of time, some of the muscles in the body forget how they are supposed to be functioning and that can be fatal. Many people who use heroin end up with damage to the lungs that is not repairable. Additionally, this makes them even more susceptible to pneumonia which could also be deadly.

Damage to the Nasal Passageways

A heroin addiction can also damage the nasal passageways. If you have been snorting heroin, the tissues in the passageways can separate causing a breakdown. This can cause increased risk of infection, difficult time breathing and much more.

Blood Clots and Damage to Arteries

When someone injects heroin, it is going to lead to collapsed veins eventually. In addition, when the heroin is injected into the veins it can lead to damaged and clotting blood vessels. If the clot gets into the wrong place, it could be fatal. Arteries start suffering from use of heroin and with longer-term use, they can have a difficult time functioning properly too.

These are some of the long-term effects from a heroin addiction. If you have been using heroin, safe your own life by getting into treatment as soon as you can.