Is Holistic Treatment What Your Loved One Needs?

Is Holistic Treatment What Your Loved One Needs?

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Your loved one needs to have some treatment to help them with the process of overcoming addiction. If you aren’t sure what treatment to recommend for them, some of these holistic treatment choices might be something to discuss. How does family history affect addiction? The more family members who have an addiction, the less support there might be. This means your loved one needs all the treatment and other supports they can get. Learn more about the following treatment methods that could help your loved one.

Qigong Could Help Them

One of the holistic treatment choices that could help you loved one is qigong. This is connected with mindfulness techniques. It involves breathing deeply, focusing mentally and controlling one’s posture. The person who is practicing qigong should engage in the techniques slowly and use guided imagery to help them get more balanced energy. How does family history affect addiction? Sometimes with other addicted family members around, your loved one may become highly stressed. Qigong can help to ease some of the stress.

Acupuncture Could Benefit Your Loved One

Another holistic treatment choice that could help your loved one overcome addiction is acupuncture. The studies of this have been ongoing but many recovering addicts who have tried it, love the benefits it gives. It can reduce pain, stress, anxiety and more. In addition, this is a treatment option that helps to balance the body, bring about relaxation, reduce anxiety, calm one’s fears and reduce some grief. When these things happen, your loved one can have a much calmer recovery.

Biofeedback May Help

Your loved one may benefit from biofeedback as well. When they struggle with anger, tension, anxiety or stress, they need a way to manage their emotions better. If they don’t it will be truly difficult to overcome addiction and stay sober in recovery. The biofeedback uses the brain to help your loved one to regulate themselves better.  This is a technique where they are hooked up to a machine and they should talk to their doctor about as well.

These are some of the holistic treatment choices that your loved one has when overcoming addiction. If you haven’t talked to your loved one about these yet, it is time to do so. Many addicts find holistic treatments to provide them with the best benefits so this may happen for your loved one as well.