Information About Addicts That May Come in Handy

Information About Addicts That May Come in Handy


When learning about addicts, there is some information that may come in handy. You might want this information so you can understand more about addictions and what an addict goes through. Maybe you want this information so you can learn more about how to help an addiction into recovery. You may want to know these things because addiction and family have collided and you don’t know what to do. Whatever the reason, this information is here to teach you more about addicts and what they go through.

Double Life

It is important that you know so many addicts are excellent at leading some sort of double life. There are some people who are addicted to alcohol or drugs who go years without anyone even knowing they have an addiction. Some addicted people can keep up with raising a family and working a stressful job without getting into any trouble. Yet, on the deepest level they are struggling with something that causes them to use alcohol or drugs. If you have seen this with addiction and family, be there for them if they need to talk. That could show them you care enough and they may get help.

Feeling Bankrupt

Many addicts feel bankrupt. What does this mean? Well, it may mean they feel they have nobody who loves them enough. They might feel as if they keep letting everyone else down or that everyone judges them. Some people who have an addiction feel bankrupt in their emotions. They may have experienced something traumatic that shuts them down. This is a very difficult thing, to feel bankrupt. Just know that the addict in your life may be feeling this way.

Hard Time Letting Others In

Many people who have an addiction have a very difficult time letting others in. They may not feel as if they can trust anyone. Maybe they feel people judge them too harshly so nobody will understand. If they are one of the many who have experienced something traumatic, they may not want to share that with anyone. This could be what your loved one is going through so keep that in mind.

This is some of the information you may want to know about addicts. Now that you know a bit more about people with addictions, you may be able to support them more emotionally. Just make sure you aren’t crossing the line between being supportive and enabling.

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