Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Best for Your Family Member?

Is an Intensive Outpatient Program Best for Your Family Member?

intensive outpatient program

Anyone who suffers from an addiction could benefit from an intensive outpatient program. Is addiction hereditary? If it is, the next best thing to an inpatient program would be an intensive outpatient program, also known as an IOP. Sometimes inpatient treatment is not an option. Insurance may not cover, the price may be too high or your family member may have other responsibilities they need to hold up. In that case, an IOP may be the better option. Find out more about whether it is right for your family member.

Treatment Set-Up

There are many treatment types for overcoming addiction. If you are trying to find the best option for your family member, you may want to consider an IOP. Is addiction hereditary? If so, you may find that this type of program doesn’t make your family member feel trapped or ashamed but it does give them enough structure to overcome addiction. They may need to go to treatment a three to six days a week and attend meetings. During this time, they still take care of their responsibilities and their free time is done doing recovery work. They will be following a very strict routine but still have freedom outside of the treatment center.

Treatment Program

During an intensive outpatient program your family member will get many services. The most common services involved in this type of treatment utilizing a personal growth coach, taking nutritional classes, going to meetings, attending family therapy, utilizing natural treatments and more. Is addiction hereditary? If so, these treatments can be very beneficial to your family member.

Wrong Choice

Even though you may be thinking about this type of program for your family member, that doesn’t make it the right choice. Not everyone will get into this type of program because it isn’t right for everyone. Some considerations taken before accepting someone into this program are what drugs they abused, the length of their addiction, how often they use drugs or alcohol, whether mental health illnesses are involved, what supports the addict has in their life and more. Considering these factors allows the center to decide whether an IOP or inpatient program would be the correct choice.

If you want to help your family member get treatment, thinking of an IOP is a great idea. Just remember there are considerations. You can call today to get more information. Is addiction hereditary? If so, this may be the next best choice near the inpatient program.