When Should You Intervene in Someone’s Addictive Lifestyle?

When Should You Intervene in Someone’s Addictive Lifestyle?

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If you have family or friends who use alcohol or drugs, you may want to intervene in their life. When should you intervene in someone’s addictive lifestyle? This is a good question and one that doesn’t have a direct answer. However, if you want to help an addict, there are some guidelines that may help you to know what to do.

Lost a Job

If the addict in your life lost a job, it is time to help an addict. It is time for you to intervene. You may want to talk to them about what they are going to do. You should make sure not to give them any money. If you do, they will think it doesn’t matter that they lost their job. You may want to help them get in job applications.


If your loved one or friend has had an overdose, you may need to help an addict. The type of overdose and how severe it is can be very scary for you. It might be time for you to call a rehab and see what type of treatment they can get. While the addict may not be ready to get treatment, finding out what they can or should get is the first step. You may even want to call an intervention specialist at this point.

Forgetting Their Responsibilities

Sometimes those with an addictive lifestyle will forget about their responsibilities. Instead of taking care of their responsibilities they will use, get high and get drunk. At this time, it is time to help an addict see what is happening. It might even be time for an intervention with their family members and friends.

Constant Use

You may want to help an addict when they are constantly using. If they are drunk or high all the time, it may be difficult to intervene as they may be too far under the influence to see the error of their ways. However, an intervention may be staged to help them see that their addictive lifestyle is out of control.

These are some of the times when you may need to help an addict overcome their addictive lifestyle. You may not know exactly when to intervene and that is understandable. It is life or death when an addiction is in the picture. If you think you should intervene, it may be time. You can always call an addiction rehab center to find out if it is time to help an addict as well.