How to Have an Intervention for a Loved One

How to Have an Intervention for a Loved One


If your loved one has been stuck in an addictive lifestyle and you want to help them out, it is time to hold an intervention. You may have been holding off on doing this, hoping it would get better but it hasn’t. They are still using drugs or alcohol and you can’t wait any longer. Is addiction genetic? If so and others in the family have gotten help, invite them to the intervention to speak to this loved one. Sometimes hearing from someone who lived an addictive lifestyle will help your loved one feel understood enough to go to treatment. Not sure how to have an intervention, here are some tips to help you.

Talk to a Trained Interventionist

One of the best ways to have an intervention is to talk to a trained interventionist. They can help you figure out what type of intervention to have for your loved one. There are different ones to have based on the addiction your loved one has and how severe it is and what personality they have. The trained interventionist can come to the intervention and help you plan it if you want as well.


If you are going to have an intervention, rehearsing beforehand is a great idea. By rehearsing you will get out the kinks and overwhelming emotions. If you don’t rehearse you could let your emotions get the best of your when talking to your loved one. Is addiction genetic? If so, have some of the other family members rehearse with you. They are familiar with how addiction affects everyone and can help with the intervention.

Not While the Person is Drunk or High

For most addicts, you can catch them sometimes when they aren’t drunk or high. It is best to have an intervention when your loved one is in a sober state of mind. If they are drunk or high, they are more likely to react irrationally and defensively. If they are sober or at least mostly so, they are more likely to hear what everyone has to say.

These are some of the tips to have an proper interventional event the right way. There are going to be some kinks when the time comes to talk with your loved one. However, as long as you follow these tips, things will go much better than not having a plan at all.