Is an Intervention Right for Your Loved One?

Is an Intervention Right for Your Loved One?


Should you hold an intervention for your loved one who has an addiction? How does family history affect addiction? If it comes into play, an intervention may be the best thing you can do for your addicted loved one. There are different types of interventions that may work best. Today you will read about some ways to tell if your loved one needs an intervention. In simple terms, just about anyone with an addiction could benefit from this.

Finding the Motivation

If you have a loved one with an addiction, consider whether they are willing to find the motivation to quit using. If they are, you may find that a closed, small intervention may be what is best for them. You may find that having a few family members and friends will help the addict to see they need to let go of their addictive lifestyle. How does family history affect addiction? If too many family members are already addicted to drugs, you may want to use another type of intervention.

Changing an Attitude

One of the things that will help your addicted loved one to overcome their addiction is changing their attitude. This is something they will need to do on their own. However, if you and other family members can help with this that is a plus. How does family history affect addiction? If there is already a family member who is in recovery, they may be able to help this addicted loved one see the need to change their attitude.

Involvement from the Family

Another reason when an intervention might be right for your loved one is when there is involvement from the family. The family members could influence the addicted loved one to get into treatment. If the addicted loved one knows that family members will support them during their treatment program, they may be more likely to agree to overcoming their addiction.

These are some of the ways to tell if an intervention may be right for your loved one. If you find that it is or you think it may be, make some calls and get others to come as well. Sometimes a smaller meeting is best. However, other times the more people who show, the more people the addict sees care about him or her.