What to Know About Addiction and Bipolar Disorder?

What to Know About Addiction and Bipolar Disorder?

bipolar disorder

There are many people who suffer with an addiction and bipolar disorder. So many of these people never get treatment. They feel lost and alone. Many people will start abusing drugs or alcohol to try dealing with this disorder. That only makes the disorder symptoms worse and an addiction develops. If you want to help an addict who has bipolar disorder, learn more about it. That is the start to helping anyone with anything, learn and reach out.

Traits That Were Inherited

There have been studies to show there is a link between bipolar disorder and genetics. The traits from a parent to a child can be genetic. There are many people who have this disorder running in their family. Too many people never get treated for it because they don’t want to admit there is a problem or they just don’t know what is going on. If they knew others in their family had it, that could save a lot of pain and issues. If you want to help an addict who has an inherited bipolar disorder, talk to them about checking the history in their family and getting treatment.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression are just two of the many symptoms associated with bipolar disorder. Some people don’t want to admit they are depressed or anxious so they will drink or use drugs to cover it up. Others feel so alone they want to forget about everything and that is why they use the harmful substances. The problem is when anxiety and depression are around and they combine with drinking or drugging, the issues only get worse. If you want to help an addict, show them some resources for overcoming anxiety and depression. Let them know treatment for this disorder is helpful!

Manic Behaviors

There are also people who have bipolar disorder who experience manic behaviors. The major mood swings associated with this disorder could be extreme highs or extreme lows. When the mood swings change from one moment to the next, everything becomes difficult to handle. For anyone dealing with this, they may just want it all to go away so they drink or use drugs.

Many people don’t see the connection between bipolar disorder and an addiction. Now that you know more, you can help an addict get the treatment and support they need. They don’t need to fight these things alone.