Know More About Prescription Drug Addiction to Help a Family Member


Know More About Prescription Drug Addiction to Help a Family Member

prescription drug addiction

Family members should stick together. However, addictions destroy families all around the world. If you know more about prescription drug addictions you can help a family member. Is addiction genetic? Your family may have a lot of people with addictions but you might be able to help just one. You may have thought that drugs like heroin or cocaine were what you needed to worry about but the truth is that a prescription drug addiction happens much more often.

Top of the List

When looking at the ranking of most abused substances that lead to an addiction, prescription drugs reach the tops of the list. Even when looking to the comparison to alcohol and marijuana addictions, prescription drugs still reach the top. Knowing this can help you to recognize how dangerous it is. Many people think because these drugs are prescribed they can’t be that dangerous. Think again.

One of the Most Dangerous Drugs

As just mentioned, many people believe that prescription drugs can’t be dangerous. It is not true. Is addiction genetic? If so, that makes prescription drugs even more dangerous. Research has shown that even the drugs that are prescribed have harmful side effects. Many prescription drugs have been overdosed on, caused severe physical health issues including seizures, brain damage and more. A prescription drug addiction is often fatal too. There are hundreds to thousands of teenagers who die every year from a prescription drug addiction, not to mention all the other age groups as well.

Treatment Options

Is addiction genetic? There are many families who have genetic addictions. However, you should know there are many treatment options. Your family member could get inpatient treatment, outpatient treatment, detox services, 12 step meetings, individual therapy, group therapy and much more. If you are concerned about your family member, call a rehab center to see if there is a way for your family member to get into treatment.

If you want to know more about a prescription drug addiction of your family member, in addition to these pieces of information, call a rehab center today. There is a ton of information out there about addictions. Having a family member who has an addiction can be so rough on everyone in the family. If you are having a difficult time with it, know there are also meetings for family members of the addicts. You can try these meetings as well.