Learn More About the Quickness of Addiction Development

Learn More About the Quickness of Addiction Development

addiction development

There are some people who use alcohol or even a prescription drug and never become addicted. However, there are others who develop an addiction very quickly. Today, you will learn about the quickness of addiction development. Knowing about this can help prevent some people from becoming addicted and can help others overcome their addiction. Is addiction genetic? If it is, that is one of the leading causes of fast addiction development.

Reason #1: Genetics

One of the first reasons why there is fast addiction development is because of genetics. While this is still a confusing and controversial subject, there are studies that show fifty percent of the chances of someone becoming an addict is based on their genes. Is addiction genetic? If it is, people in that family need to be extra cautious about using alcohol or drugs. They may have the addiction genes that increase their likelihood of becoming addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Reason #2: Conditions in Life

There are many times when someone may go through hard times in their life. During those times, they have higher stress levels and they feel they are losing control. This is when they have a much higher likelihood to become addicted to alcohol or drugs. If someone is feeling like this, they first need to stop and take a moment of rest. They may need to reach out for extra support. If someone is already using during these times, addiction rehab is there to help.

Reason #3: Unhealthy Choices in Life

If someone is regularly making unhealthy choices in their life, they are much more likely to develop an addiction quickly. They may not think about what they should be doing, instead they think about what makes them feel good. There are things in life that are healthy that make people feel good. However, those who are commonly making these unhealthy choices in life, may become addicted to drugs or alcohol quickly before making any healthier choices.

Is addiction genetic? It is for some people who deal with fast addiction development. However, there are other reasons for developing an addiction as well. There may be certain tough conditions in life that lead to an addiction. Some people commonly make unhealthy choices and that could lead to their addiction as well. These are some of the reasons someone may quickly develop an addiction. Find out more about this by calling a rehab center today.