Learn How to Stop Enabling an Addicted Spouse Right Here

Learn How to Stop Enabling Your Addicted Spouse Right Here

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Do you have a spouse who has an addiction? If so, you should know right here, that you are not alone. Having an addicted spouse can be so tough. You may want to show them your love and support but in the same step you may be enabling them. If you want to stop enabling and help an addicted family member, you are going to benefit from the tips you read here today.

You Must Change

The first thing you can do to help an addicted family member or addicted spouse is to make a change yourself. If you are the one enabling, they are not responsible for changing you. In fact, they are going to keep allowing you to enable them as long as you are willing to do it. You must stand up and make a change.

100% Commitment

You can’t just say you are going to stop enabling and not do it. You also can’t just give up enabling part of the time and keep enabling them other times. In fact, if you do that, you are just going to make things worse. If they know they can get things out of you sometimes, they are going to push their luck even more. If you can make a 100% commitment to help an addicted family member and stop enabling, things will change.

Negative Behaviors

If you are showing your addicted spouse any negative behaviors, you must make a change. You must take these negative behaviors and replace them with ones that are more positive. The more positive you are around your spouse, the more you can help them changing their ways. If you want to help an addicted family member, this is a must.

Get Support

If you want to stop enabling, you may need support yourself. If you are co-dependent, you are not alone. There are many others who wanted to help an addicted family member but couldn’t seem to stop enabling. There are many support groups that can help you to get past this.

These are some of the ways that you can stop enabling an addicted spouse. Make sure you commit to doing this 100% or things aren’t going to change. In fact, if you don’t do this fully, things may actually get much worse. You must take care of yourself and stop enabling your spouse. Their addiction is not yours to bear. You can support them and help them to get treatment but enabling can end today!