Longer Term Effects on Children of Addicts

Longer Term Effects on the Children of Addicts

children of addicts

Children of addicts do suffer from the addiction of their parents. Many parents who have the addiction say that they are not harming anyone except for themselves. However, their addiction spreads much farther than their own internal lifestyle. Is addiction hereditary? It can be but it is also a learned behavior. The children of addicts have a much higher risk of developing an addiction when they see their parents using drugs or alcohol. Learning more about the longer term effects on these children may help many addicted parents to see what their addiction is doing to their children. This could motivate them to get treatment to overcome their addiction.

Increased Risk of Becoming an Addict

The children of parents with addictions will have an increased risk of becoming an addict. When children watch their parents drink or use drugs, they learn that it normal behavior. In addition, they see their parents doing addictive behaviors and believe that is how people should act. The longer a child sees this, the more normal it becomes to them. Is addiction hereditary? If you are worried that might become the case for your child, overcome your addiction with help starting today.

Marrying Addicts

If you are an addicted parent, you should know that your child will be much more likely to be marrying an addict when they grow up. They may think that the normal relationships involve someone or both people in the relationship should drink or use drugs. They start to think that normal social relationships are alright when involving the use of drugs or alcohol. If you want to reduce your child’s risk of marrying an addict when they grow up, you should make a change yourself. Is addiction hereditary? Let children of addicts, your children, know it doesn’t have to be.

Increased Risk of Being Abused

The children of addicts are much more likely to be abused (mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually). This abuse could happen when they are a child or as they grow up. The damage they receive from their parent having an addiction along with the damage from the abuse can lead them to have many issues. These issues may include mental health issues, an addiction and other relationship issues as well. Is addiction hereditary? Let your child know that you can overcome your addiction and protect them from issues in life related to your addiction.

Is addiction hereditary? You can make the cycle of addiction end right now! Help children of addicts see there is an end to the disaster of an addiction.