Is Your Loved One Addicted to Cocaine? You May Want to Look for These Signs!

Is Your Loved One Addicted to Cocaine? You May Want to Look For These Signs!


Do you want to know if your loved one is addicted to cocaine? If you don’t already know this, it is a drug that destroys thousands of lives every year. The number of people who have this type of addiction is not in the low numbers. Is addiction genetic? If there are other family members who have suffered from this type of addiction and you notice the signs mentioned below, it is highly likely they are addicted as well.

Being Hyperactive or Moving More Than Normal

One of the signs that you might notice if your loved one is addicted to cocaine is they are being hyperactive or moving more than normal. Think about how your loved one was before you started thinking they may have an addiction. Did they move or walk fast? Were they sitting down a lot more than up and moving around? Did they have a hyperactive personality? If these things are all new to your loved one and you suspect an addiction, it could be true. Is addiction genetic? If so, have others in the family who became addicted to cocaine developed hyperactivity as well? If they have, this drug may affect the current family member in the same ways.

Lack of Focus or Less Concentration

Now, try to think about how much your loved one is focusing at this point in their life. When you are talking to them, do they often get distracted? Do they get off topic a lot more than they would have before? What is their concentration like? Can they stick to doing or talking about one thing for very long? If you have noticed a lack of focus or less concentration in your loved one, they could be addicted to cocaine.

Muscle Spasms or Tics

If your loved one does have the addiction to cocaine, you may have noticed they have muscle spasms or tics. These happen quite often in those who are using this drug, especially if they have a severe addiction. If you haven’t yet noticed this sign, watch out for it. Sometimes you may just need to look for it before you see that it is happening.

Overly Enthusiastic or Overly Agitated

The personality or mood swings of someone with a cocaine addiction could go either way. You may notice that your loved one is overly enthusiastic. Do they seem to be enthusiastic about things they never would have enjoyed before? Or not nearly as much anyways? Maybe your loved one’s mood swings go the opposite direction. Do they seem to get agitated about all the little things? If so, they could be addicted to this drug.

If your loved one has these signs and you have suspected they could be using drugs, they could have a cocaine addiction. Do you believe they have this addiction or any other? Call the rehab center today.

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