Is Your Loved One a Cocaine Addict?

Is Your Loved One a Cocaine Addict?

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Do you have concerns that your loved one might be a cocaine addict? If so, this may be one of the most terrifying and worrisome things you ever go through. Cocaine is a very damaging and harmful drug and it can even be fatal. Is addiction hereditary? If you know that others in your family have been addicted to cocaine, this can make things even worse. You may not understand why they even picked up the drug in the first place. However, the truth is sometimes addictions are hereditary. How can you tell for sure if your loved one has an addiction to this terrible drug?

Depression or Anxiety

Do you notice that your loved one is more depressed or anxious now that they have been using drugs? Cocaine has major effects on the bodily functions and internal systems. It negatively effects emotions and can send your loved one into depression. They may use the drugs and get anxious, only to use more of the drug to try making those feelings go away. Is addiction hereditary? Some people will use the drug to hide the symptoms of depression or anxiety that run in their family as well.

Focus on the Drug

If you find that your loved one is focusing on cocaine constantly, they may be a cocaine addict. Is addiction hereditary and if so, they may have grown up thinking the use of this drug is normal. Now, they may schedule their entire day around thinking about, using and trying to find more of this dangerous drug. They may not be able to focus on anything but using cocaine and how they will get their next fix.

Losing Interest in Other Things

This one kind of ties in with their focus on cocaine and their addiction to it. They may stop doing fun activities they used to because their life revolves so much around cocaine. If they are a cocaine addict, they may have little to no interest in anything other than getting high from this drug. They may have lost interest in keeping their relationships together so you may notice this. Their interest in social events or family events may have dissipated as well.

These are some of the ways to tell if your loved one is a cocaine addict. If they are, it is important they get treatment for the addiction. The rehab centers can help them overcome addiction, stop using cocaine and live in recovery too.