Does Your Loved One Enable You?

Does Your Loved One Enable You?


You would like to overcome addiction and you want someone to help an addict like you. However, while you are attempting to make this change you will need to recognize the people who enable you. They may be family members, a friend, a co-worker or another loved one. If your loved one or someone else enables you, it may be time to step back from them for a while. It is difficult enough to overcome an addiction without being enabled to use again. Make things easier on yourself by recognizing the enablers to you can recover from the addiction.

Ignoring Your Addiction

Does your loved one act like you don’t even have an addiction? Do they tell you that you don’t have a problem? If they have been doing this, they are ignoring your addiction and by doing so they are enabling you. They enable you because they want you to keep using with them or they may want to have control over you. Don’t let this happen. You need someone who will help an addict like you and not enable the addictive behaviors.

Won’t Communicate with You

To overcome addiction, you need a loved one who will be by your side. You need someone to communicate with you, let your express your feelings without judgement and listen to you. If your loved one won’t communicate with you, they don’t want to help an addict. They aren’t helping you to manage your emotions properly in the relationship if they aren’t willing to communicate with you.

Manipulating You

Another way that your loved one might be enabling to you is if they are manipulating you. It is quite unfortunate but many family members do this to one another. Have you heard “you don’t care about me because you won’t come over and have a drink” or “how could you miss my party and leave me to drink without you”. These are words of an enabler and that isn’t good for you. If you want someone to help an addict like you, you don’t need a manipulator.

These are some of the ways to tell if a loved one is enabling you. That is not the person you need to help you during your recovery. If you are going to overcome addiction, you need someone to support your sobriety and help you go through recovery, not push you farther away.

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