Does Your Loved One Suffer from Alcoholism?

Does Your Loved One Suffer from Alcoholism?


Do you think that your loved one is suffering from alcoholism? If so, your worries may be flying through the roof at this time. You may constantly be wondering what is going to happen to them. Maybe you don’t know if you should be so worried. Do they even have an alcohol addiction? Well, if you recognize the signs that are mentioned below then more than likely they do. They have lost the line between addiction and family and need help to overcome the addiction.

Guilty or Shameful

When your loved one goes out drinking or wakes up with a hangover, do they feel guilty or shameful? Maybe they have said something like “I shouldn’t have spent that much money on alcohol.” They may have said “I shouldn’t have missed the family party. I shouldn’t have drank again.” If your loved one feels guilty or shameful, they may be suffering from alcoholism. They may not know how addiction and family got so interconnected.

Lying and Being Secretive

Is your loved one lying and being secretive? If so, they may be suffering from alcoholism. Many alcoholics lie about how much money they spent on alcohol. They may lie about where they were at, when they were really out drinking. Some alcoholics will be secretive. They may hide money so they can later spend it on alcohol. If your loved one is doing these things, they may need help to overcome their addiction. Addiction and family may be so confusing to them at this time, they may not even recognize they are addicted.

Many People Worrying

If your loved one has many people worrying about their alcohol use, they may be suffering from alcoholism. It might not just be you who is trying to help them. Ask others in the family to see what they think. Talk to their friends or even their co-workers to see if anyone else has recognized this as a problem in your loved one.

Excuses for Drinking

Does your loved one make excuses for drinking? Are they saying they deserve to have some fun? Maybe they have said they have dealt with so much in their life, that they can drink without someone hounding them. Think about this and if they have they may be suffering from alcoholism.

These are some of the ways to tell if your loved one suffers from alcoholism. If so, please reach out for help to see what you can do for them.