Main Reasons Teenagers Start Drinking Alcohol

Main Reasons Teenagers Start Drinking Alcohol

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Teenagers in these days are using drugs and alcohol at younger and younger ages. There are some teens who starting drinking alcohol as early as eight years old. It is quite unfortunate to seen teens who are already addicted to alcohol. If you want to help an addict teen overcome their alcohol addiction, it is important to know the reason they started drinking in the first place. In addition, you may need to know the reason they are still drinking as it may have changed since they began. Once you have these reasons, you will be on better footing to help them get treatment and overcome their addiction.

Deal with Trauma

There are so many teenagers who have already experienced a traumatic experience in their life. They may not have been given proper treatment such as counseling or a support group for dealing with that experience. With no treatment, they may not have known how to handle things. Due to that fact, they may have started drinking alcohol to deal with the feelings and emotions of the trauma. If you want to help an addict teen who started drinking to deal with trauma, be sure you help them into counseling. That is the first step to their healing process. The rehab centers have therapists on staff that can help the addict teen overcome the traumatic experience and their addiction too.


Some of the teens who started drinking alcohol did so as an experiment. They may have heard about the effects alcohol had on one of their friends. After they heard that, they wanted to see what it would do to them. They may have seen their family members under the influence of alcohol and were experimenting to see how it would affect them. If you want to help an addict teen that start drinking to experiment, let them know that alcohol is bad no matter who is using it. Teach them that experimentation should only be done on healthy and positive things.

Social Media

There are many teens who started drinking alcohol because of social media. They may have seen others bragging about getting drunk or going out to a party. They thought if they did the same they would be a part of that group. Do you know an addict teen who started drinking because of social media? If so, help them get into more positive social media groups. Let them know that people not only lie on social media but they are promoting illegal activity which could get them into a lot of trouble.

These are some of the main reasons teenagers start drinking. Now that you know these reasons, you can help a teen overcome their alcohol addiction.