Making an Intervention Go as Successfully as Possible

Making an Intervention Go as Successfully as Possible


If you have a loved one who is suffering from an addiction, it may be time to hold an intervention. The first thing you need to know is that not all interventions go successfully. Not every addict is willing to agree to treatment. There are, however, some tips that can help you to make things go more successfully. This doesn’t assure they will work but they may help things move into the right direction. Is addiction genetic? If so, remember this while talking to your loved one when doing the intervention.

Write Down Some Notes

Before you get into the intervention, it is best to write down some notes. This will help you to keep things on track instead of letting your emotions run over everything else. Let anyone who will be there know about this tip. Is addiction genetic? If so, other attendees of this meeting may have some emotional baggage carried from other addicts in the family. Make sure those are left aside and only focus on this one person.

Practice and More Practice

Another tip that could help the intervention go as successfully as possible is to practice. Going through what is going to be said beforehand can also keep the emotions at a minimum. If you practice who is going to say what and who will speak first, everyone will be more prepared. You should practice what to do if the emotions of the addict run high during this meeting as well.

Ask for Help

Is addiction genetic? Does this addict have a severe addiction? These are times when you may want to ask for help from an addiction intervention specialist. They will better know how to handle things and organize this meeting so that is goes more successfully. They have a track record of helping addicts find their way into treatment. You may want to call and see if they will help your loved one out as well.

Avoid Judgment and Negativity

When holding an intervention, you should avoid judgment and negativity as well. When you use negativity, your loved one or friend will likely shut down. They will feel as if you are judging them and may feel like you just don’t care or get it.

These are some of the things you may want to do to make an intervention run as successfully as possible. Plan ahead to best help your loved one during this meeting.