Managing Cravings While in Recovery

Managing Cravings While in Recovery

managing cravings

When you are in recovery from an addiction, you are going to have cravings. This happens to everyone. Some people only have minor cravings but others have ones that are more severe. Managing cravings while in recovery can be a be a bit tough but you can do it. There are some tips you will learn here today that can help you with this. Is addiction genetic? If so, you may need a bit of extra help with your cravings and there are many people willing to help if you ask for it.

Get Daily Exercise

One of the ways of managing cravings while in recovery is to get daily exercise. There is a feeling you get when you move your body around. If you push yourself hard in your exercise, you may feel better than ever. Exercising distracts your mind and helps you to feel good without drugs or alcohol. Is addiction genetic? If it is in your family, be sure to add exercising to your list of craving management tools.

Go Somewhere

There might be times during your recovery in which you have cravings due to a certain environment. If this is the case, you may just need to get up and go somewhere. You may just need to get out of the situation for a bit. For example, if you are in a stressful job that is causing you to have cravings, you may just need to ask for a day off. Sometimes you need to remove yourself from the environment or situation to relieve the cravings.

Calling Someone

Another way of managing cravings while in recovery is by calling someone. Is addiction genetic? If it is, there may not be many family members you can call if they are still using. However, you can call a therapist, sponsor, addiction recovery professionals, other recovering addicts or sometimes there are even community centers that will help you out as well.

Remembering Your Why

You can also start managing cravings by remembering your why. Is addiction genetic? If it is, that might be the reason you want to stay clean and sober. Do you want to have more success in your life? If so, that might be your why. Your why may even change with time. Keep on top of this to stay sober.

Managing cravings can be difficult at times. Just remember to use these tips to overcome any craving that may come your way.