What May Influence How Long it Will Take for Your Loved One to Detox from Methamphetamine?

What May Influence How Long It Takes for Your Loved One to Detox from Methamphetamine?


The length of time it takes for someone to detox from Methamphetamine can vary. There are some addicts who go through this process much quicker than others. Some have a more difficult time with the withdrawals. If you want to help an addict loved one to make it through, learning about the varying factors can help. You should also remember not to rush them. If in a couple of weeks, they are saying there are still symptoms lingering, believe them and be there for them. Support them while they overcome the addiction.

Addiction Time Frame

One of the first things that may vary the length of time it takes for your loved one to detox from Methamphetamine is the addiction time frame. How long have they been using and abusing this drug? If they have been doing so for a longer time, it could mean that it will take them longer for detoxing. The longer the system has been reliant upon these drugs, the longer it will need to get used to not having them.

The Tolerance

Everyone who starts using drugs develops some sort of a tolerance for them. When it comes to Methamphetamine, your loved one’s tolerance can determine how long the detoxing process from Methamphetamine will take. Those who have been taking bigger doses of this drugs over a long time frame, have a much higher tolerance. This means their brain is going to need a lot more time to recover without the drug in the system.

Personal Issues

The personal issues of your loved one may determine how long it takes them to detox from Methamphetamine as well. If they have any underlying mental health disorders, that could increase the detoxing time. If your loved one has physical health issues, that could cause for more time to detox. Depending on the reason your loved one was using this drug, that alone could increase the time for detoxing as well.

Detoxing from any drug can be tough. For some addicts, it is easier to get through this process. Others have a very difficult time. If your loved one is going to detox from Methamphetamine and you want to help an addict, just know these things about this timeline. That way you aren’t rushing them and you can support them throughout the entire process. Let them know you will be there.