Do You Have Too Much Empathy for Your Loved One?

Do You Have Too Much Empathy for Your Loved One?


Empathy can be good in some circumstances. However, if you are having too much empathy for your loved one this can become a problem. To help an addict, empathy is required to an extent. When it becomes too much, things start progressing in the direction you didn’t intend for them to go. An addiction is a controlling disease and being overly empathetic can send your loved one to use even more. You may not even know how things got this bad. So, how did the empathy trap come about?

Know More About an Empathy Trap

Research has been done that shows addiction lowers the brain’s capability to accept empathic feelings. This shows that when your loved one goes further through an addiction, they don’t empathize as well with others. In fact, they may quit empathizing altogether. They may start manipulating people they love and this gets them things they feel they need or want. It might get them somewhere to stay, money to pay for alcohol or drugs and other things too.

Get Out of This Trap

If you are one of the many who fell into an empathy trap, you are not alone. However, it is essential to help an addict and yourself, for you to get out of that trap. If you don’t you will just give the addict in your life more and more of what they want and the manipulation will never end. It is not wrong for you to show empathetic feelings but too much is going to send you and the addict into a spiral of negative actions. To get out of the trap there are some things you will need to do starting with admitting your loved one has an addiction. If you deny their addiction, the empathy is going to continue and you won’t escape the trap. You also need to stop enabling. This may be confusing as it may be mixed with empathetic actions but there is a fine line between the two. If you want to help an addict, you must stop enabling them. Show your loved one some tough love as well. It might not be easy at first but if you stick to it, you can get out of the empathy trap you are stuck in.

These are some of the ways you can stop showing so much empathy to your loved one. If you want to help an addict, these are the ways you can stop having so many empathetic feelings for them.