What Do You Need to Know About Sponsorship in Recovery?

What Do You Need to Know About Sponsorship When in Recovery?


When you are in recovery from an addiction, sponsorship is generally a good idea. Getting a sponsor allows recovering addicts to have some to guide and support them throughout the process. They have someone to talk to when they feel they might relapse. The sponsor is there to help them create recovery plans, do recovery work and follow a recovery program even. Is addiction hereditary in your family? If so, it is even more important to have a sponsor.

Practicing the Steps

The 12 steps are one of the most commonly followed recovery practices. They are designed to help the recovering addict work through their past, develop a sense of who they are, stay clean and sober and keep living in recovery. If you have never done it before or have had troubles, keeping up with the 12 steps might seem tough. This is where sponsorship comes in. The sponsor can help you to work through each step, one by one.

Past One Year Sober

If you are going to get a sponsor in recovery, choose someone who has been sober for at least one year. This is generally recommended. Most recovering addicts, by one year sober, know how to work the program. They know which mistakes might be often made. Is addiction hereditary? Finding someone who is one year sober, who also has a hereditary addiction would be great as well. This type of sponsor would know the triggers from the family.

Questions About 12 Steps or Recovery

Another reason to consider sponsorship during recovery is to help with your questions about the 12 steps or recovery. You might have many questions and when you can’t reach a counselor, it is good to have someone else whom you can speak with. The sponsor can answer your questions. They can talk to you about concerns you have during your recovering lifestyle and so much more.

Getting into a recovering lifestyle is a great change for your life. However, you should never need to do this alone. Having a sponsorship with a sponsor and you is one great way to have continued support. It is also a great way to work a recovery program and have someone to turn to when you need help as well. If you don’t currently have a sponsor, this might be something you would like to check into soon.