Why Some People Don’t Want to Go to Addiction Recovery Meetings

Why Some People Don’t Want to go to Addiction Recovery Meetings

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When someone in the family gets in recovery from their addiction, you may want to separate addiction and family as far as you can. However, just because they are in recovery that doesn’t mean they are all set to go. They must continue working a recovery program and sometimes that means going to addiction recovery meetings. The thing is not every recovering addict wants to go to these meetings. If your loved one doesn’t want to go, find out why so you can help them out.

Don’t Want to Share

Some recovering addicts don’t want to go to addiction recovery meetings because they don’t want to share their story. They may not be ready to share their experience and what they went through quite yet. This is completely normal. However, it would be helpful for your loved one to know the benefits of sharing their story and experiences. It will help take some weight off their shoulders. It could help them let go of the past and move forward. If your loved one isn’t ready to share at these meetings, let them share their story over and over with you if they want, until they get more comfortable. This is where you can let addiction and family come together by letting them talk to you about it.

They Are Embarrassed

There are some recovering addicts who won’t share at addiction recovery meetings because they are embarrassed. This is a very common reason for not sharing. They may think they are all alone. They may think others are going to judge them. If you feel your loved one is embarrassed, let them know it is alright. Let them know you don’t judge them and you only want them to get better. This might help them to feel better so they want to go to meetings and share with others.

Don’t Think Others Will Understand

Another reason some recovering addicts don’t want to go to addiction recovery meetings is because they don’t think others will understand. They may feel like their experiences are theirs alone and nobody else has gone through anything like that. Most recovering addicts who end up going to meetings find almost instant understanding by others. Let your loved one know you will even go to a meeting with them if they want.

Yes, it is true that addiction and family don’t belong together. However, sometimes they do fall together. So, when your loved one is in recovery, let them know addiction recovery meetings are a safe place for them to share what they have gone through. Others are going to understand and support them.